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Manual Therapy


We are Soft Tissue Specialists.  There's a huge gap between when you receive a Doctors diagnosis for, let's say, a sprain a and strain or pulled muscle.  What makes it worse is when they either give you drugs or tell you you'll get over it, rest for a few days. Whenever

When ever you hear this, remember what I'm about to tell you, "book a session" and feel what real healing feels like.  The compensating tissues alone cause significant pain and discomfort and when left unchecked, or treated, your body (brain, nervous and musculoskeletal system) think that this is a new normal and you're most likely going to reinjure that same tissue. life's

We suggest once a month for a tune up, decompression from tune-up stresses. 

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.  

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